Monday, October 17, 2022

Steve Mims is an Austin filmmaker whose work has been shown by the Dallas Video Association for many years. He made a new short film about the power grid in Texas called Disaster by Design. Click the image above for more information about the documentary.

Steve will be at the showing on October 20, and hopefully with one of the interviewees who appears in the film. The film will be at 7:15 p.m. at the Studio Movie Grill on Spring Valley. The film is short, but there should be a good discussion afterwards.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Two Performances by Timeless Concerts of Music of Dance!

Music of Dance will have its first performance on Saturday, September 24 in Ft. Worth at the Holt Hickman Center in the Belltower Chapel on Wichita Street.

Timeless Concerts will perform the music of dances through the ages, from the menuet, to waltzes and tangos from composers as diverse as Rossini of Italy, Shostakovich of Russia, Ravel of France, plus Piazzolla and Villoldo of Argentina. They will be accompanied by professional dancers James Gonzales and Lydia Cabrera, from the Arthur Murray School of Dance, Ft Worth, on a couple of special selections. Their vocalists will sing beautiful songs of Mexico, Italy and musicals. As usual, Erik Barnes will provide post-concert music on the piano and take your requests. BYOB is accepted at this location. Timeless Concerts will provide complimentary wine by the glass, soft drinks, and a few snack items including Pixie Popcorn. There is table seating for up to 11, or private tables for 2.

The Music of Dance will be performed again by Timeless Concerts on Saturday October 1 in Arlington at Show Me the Monet art gallery on south Cooper in Gracie Lane. Enjoy the same music that was performed the previous week, but in a small intimate setting surrounded by beautiful art in the Show Me The Monet gallery of fine art. Seating will be recital style rather than table seating with only 50 unassigned seats available. (Unfortunately there is no room for the dancers in this setting.) Complimentary wine by the glass and soft drinks will be provided.

Concert performers: violinist LeeAnne Chenoweth, pianist Heejung Kang, violist Tim Angel, cellist Oliver Schlaffer, soprano Sabrina Romero-Wilson, and tenor Sergio Cepeda.

Tickets and info on the Timeless Concerts website.