Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sheed Persian Film Festival

Just when you thought we had seen the last film festival in Dallas in 2017, here's the Sheed Persian Film Festival at Angelika Dallas, November 10-12.

This is the 2nd year for the Persian Film Fest. Last year, this same group (AramArt Institute in Plano) screened the Academy Award winning Best Foreign Language film, THE SALESMAN in North Texas. These films are of the same calliber as they are making their way around the world in the Festival Circuit. Many of these films will have their USA premiere here in Dallas.

Organized by artistic director Shahram Mokri, festival director Arameh Etemadi and festival founder Ehsan Matoori, Sheed will include an acting workshop, six films for public screening and a competitive section featuring nine acclaimed Persian movies and a memorial for the deceased Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. Persian cinema, and especially Iranian cinema, has been witnessing the emergence of several young and admirably ambitious directors during the past decade. A mixture of young and experienced directors and a different look at the basic elements of cinema has made Iranian movies have a brilliant performance on the international scene.

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