Sunday, September 20, 2020

Timeless Concerts - Music Along the Orient Express

Timeless Concerts' Saturday, September 26, 8pm concert theme is “Music along the Orient Express!” The famous train route ran from Istanbul to Paris and then… crossed the English channel! How? The train cars were put on a boat! For the final part of the musical journey, they will welcome you to England with the theme of the Downton Abbey drama series, plus play music of the 1900s that would have been heard by the residents there, at the time portrayed. Along the “route”, enjoy French composers Ravel and Claude-Michel Schonberg (of Les Miserables fame), Wolfgang Mozart and Franz Lehar of Austria, Zolton Kodaly of Hungary and more. Concert performers include pianists Kathy Abrahamson and Erik Barnes, (Erik will also entertain post-concert) cellist Jim Higgins, violist Tim Angel, tenor Don O’Neal LeBlanc, and violinist LeeAnne Chenoweth.

Location: Arlington Museum of Art. Social distance table seating (temperature check taken at entrance), covered dessert plates provided, BYOB accepted, complimentary wine/soft drinks. Visit Timeless Concerts' website for more info and to purchase tickets. Seating limited to 80, so don't delay!

Added note: Timeless Concerts has decided to postpone their Nov. 14 concert until 2021. Due to a cap on audience capacity, and therefore, ticket income, they decided that performing another low capacity socially distanced concert would put them into debt. Wanting to avoid this and be fiscally responsible, they have sadly decided to take a break until Feb. 2021 when they hope they can once again sell tickets to full capacity at the museum. They thank their sponsors and guests for the added support that has made it possible to perform in both July and September during these covid times!

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