Friday, March 19, 2021

University of Texas at Arlington’s Department of Theatre Arts presents SPRING AWAKENING via Video on Demand

The University of Texas at Arlington’s Maverick Theatre Company presents SPRING AWAKENING. This Tony Award nominated rock musical is based on the 1819 German play, Spring Awakening, written by Frank Wedekind.

SPRING AWAKENING critiques the hypocrisy of institutional doctrine (especially in relation to sex education, religious concepts of sin, and a culture of shame) as a means to control young adults and promote abstinence. Particularly in a time of civil unrest, SPRING AWAKENING calls into question what is promoted to children as “normal” and what is “unnatural.” Though dealing with difficult themes like suicide and sexual abuse, the message of the musical is to rage against the status quo in order to protect individual expression and thought. The younger generations must hold their elders accountable and push back in order to create a world with more compassion and understanding of the individual.

SPRING AWAKENING will be streamed via Video On Demand from April 2-5 9-12 (new dates), 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic. To purchase the Video On Demand rental, please visit our Virtual Box Office.

Adult Language and Subject Matter: violence, child abuse, sexual assault, suicide, guns

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