Friday, July 5, 2019

Timeless Concerts Presents a Casual Concert at the Arlington Museum of Art July 20.

Casual night at the museum! Tenors without tuxes! Come as you are; shorts or sundresses, Hawaiian shirts or caftans. The performers will all be casual, too. Come enjoy this different kind of Timeless Concerts evening, at the lower level amphitheater at the Arlington Museum of Art, Saturday, July 20, 2019.

The wonderful must-see Keith Haring exhibit on the main floor gallery will be standing where Timeless Concerts usually places the grand piano and table seating, so the concert had to make some adjustments. They'll be back in the main gallery Sept. 21. If you've been to a concert before, and looked over the iron railing by the back window, then you have seen the stage they'll be using.

Tenors Don O'Neal LeBlanc and Sergio Cepeda, plus soprano Judith Rodriguez, will select their favorite things to sing. There will also be some interesting gypsy-ish pieces for their instrumental trio selections, as well as German classics. There will be a joyful music party as always. Post-concert, Erik Barnes will be the pianist, and his music will be flowing throughout the three levels of the museum, as the lower level is open to the very top. Wine and soft drinks will be served.

Enjoy browsing the exhibit after the concert. Get your tickets soon, as there is less seating than usual.