Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Timeless Concerts' Valentines Special and Fundraiser

When: Saturday, February 12, 8 pm
Where: Rose Garden Tearoom
----------- 4720 S. Cooper in Arlington
Ticket prices: Seniors $50, General $55, Table for 2 $125 (only 5 available) College student $15

This concert will entertain with an evening of tangos of Piazzolla, previews of upcoming concerts and passionate opera arias we love most. These selections will include music of Joaquin Turina of Spain, Vincent Kennedy of Ireland, traditional songs of Mexico, and beautiful music of French composers. Timeless Concerts' performers will be tenor Sergio Cepeda, mezzo soprano Rachel Moon, soprano Sabrina Romero-Wilson, cellist Oliver Schlaffer, violinist/violist Tim Angel, pianist Heejung Kang and LeeAnne Chenoweth on violin. Pianist Erik Barnes returns to make the post-concert party music fun.

As always, wine, soft drinks and snacks will be provided.

In addition to higher ticket prices, fundraising will include playing the "times 10" game again. Last time an audience member won $200 cash. To play, bring an envelope with your name and phone number on it, filled with a check, or cash for any amount; $10 or $20 is easiest. At the end of the concert, an envelope/name will be announced and that person wins 10 times the amount they had in their envelope. Feel free to add any amount to the envelope, but Timeless Concerts needs to cap the winning amount at $200, so they will still have some new funds! (Tickets will be back to the normal $30-39 range in April.)

Timeless Concerts hopes for a great new year ahead, and will do their best to plan enjoyable evenings out for their audience. IF there are reasons to be cautious about widespread illness, they will of course postpone the concert and honor your tickets at a later date. Purchased tickets can be used at a rescheduled concert, or any concert in 2022. However, please let them know in advance if you are not attending a concertso that others can use your seats at sold out concerts. Also, please let them know if you plan to attend with an older ticket* so they can be sure and have seating for you.

Next concerts:
April 23, "Spain to Latin America" (tearoom) $30-39
July 9, (leaning towards French...) (tearoom) $30-39
Sept 24, "Music of Dance" (Hickman Center in Ft W)
Nov. 12, (TBA) (tearoom)

*If wanting to use a Feb. 12 fundraiser priced ticket for a lesser-priced future concert, Timeless Concerts cannot add a greater number of seats that were originally purchased. They thank you for your support!

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