Wednesday, March 24, 2021

An Evening in Italy Provided by Timeless Concerts in Downtown Arlington on April 24

Evening in Italy is coming up April 24 at 8 pm at the Arlington Museum of Art with music by Italian composers that span centuries, from the early music of Rossini and Paganini, to Italian-American Henry Mancini. Italians love their opera so Timeless Concerts' tenors Don O'Neal LeBlanc and Sergio Cepeda will sing opera's greatest hits from Puccini to Verdi. Find out which opera aria has been performed in 18 different movies! Also, learn how a famous piano concerto by Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov was based on a theme by Paganini. Timeless Concerts' instrumentalists are pianists Heejung Kang and Erik Barnes, violinist/violist Tim Angel, cellist Oliver Schlaffer and violinist LeeAnne Chenoweth.

Timeless Concerts' performers hope with all the losses our audience has endured this past year, that they can provide an event that everyone can look forward to enjoying. Tickets for Evening in Italy are now live on their website. Beautiful music and time spent together, is more important than ever and healing. Although Timeless Concerts is very sad that they didn't perform our annual "Valentines Special and Fundraiser," they say they are blessed, because their nonprofit organization is surviving, and will perform a great concert on April 24!

Timeless Concerts is pretty certain that covid restrictions will be required in late April when they perform with things expected to be the same as when they performed two socially distanced concerts in July and September of 2020, such as temperatures possibly be taken at the entrance, masks required when not at your table, only an audience of 70, and covered dessert plates on the individual tables instead of the traditional buffet. Hopefully, their July 10 concert can be maskless and back to normal.

You can read more about Timeless Concerts on their home page where they have a promo video.

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